The Opportunity Machine takes a chance on local startups

by | Dec 2, 2022 | General, Media

The Opportunity Machine, housed in Downtown Lafayette, was once known as a furniture store and several night clubs. Now, it is where entrepreneurs go to grow.

Funded by LEDA, The Opportunity Machine provides a support system for entrepreneurs looking to launch tech companies. Executive Director Destin Ortego calls the Opportunity Machine their incubator for anyone from experienced entrepreneurs to those with ideas looking for guidance.

“This program really helps connect you with resources like potential capitol. Getting connected to investors, getting prepared to talk to investors. We also teach you how to talk to customers which really sets the stage for everything else,” he says.

Carleena Andrepont, owner and founder of Keepers, an online service for housekeeping, is a product of the programs offered by the Opportunity Machine. She shared how her program connects housekeepers to short term rental hosts in need of cleaning services. A business she grew with the help of an accelerator program offered at the OM.

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