Other Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Opportunity Machine works directly with local, regional, and state partners to host collaborative events and 1:1 education regarding funding sources for your startup. Working with our partners, Opportunity Machine helps identify and prepare you for non-dilutive funding pathways and lay the foundation for private capital investment into your startup.

Industry Opportunities


Looking to establish or expand your healthcare startup? Opportunity Machine is your strategic partner in navigating this path. We specialize in supporting ventures within the healthcare industry that aim to improve care, reduce costs, & create new efficient approaches to problems within the medical industry. We’ll help you to identify funding pathways and connect you with local and national mentors in the healthcare industry.


Looking to start or grow your STEM focused startup? Opportunity Machine can help you identify funding pathways, get connected with local & national educational workshops and commercialization experts that can help you get your intellectual property out of the lab & into the field.

Other Industries

Looking to innovate within an industry not listed here? We offer an industry-agnostic accelerator program (The Builder Program) for idea to early stage startups. Reach out to our team & we’ll work directly with you and our community partners to create pathways to innovate & commercialize within your industry.

Job Opportunities

Want to work for a startup & gain valuable experience to accelerate your career growth? Sign up for our job seeker newsletter to receive jobs within the Lafayette startup community here.


As a marketing professional I have utilized the OM to expand my network, learn new techniques, and mentor those around me who are looking to learn about marketing for their small business. The OM provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to hone their skills and grow their business.

Whitney Savoie
VP of Marketing at FlyGuys

Opportunity Machine is a critical partner in the Lafayette Innovation ecosystem. The startup company expertise and growth mindset in this organization makes Opportunity Machine an ideal partner when working to transition technology from research outcomes to commercial success.

Noah Bergeron
Associate Director of UL Lafayette Office of Innovation Management